Google Translate Sanskrit To Bhojpuri, 8 New, 24 Worldwide, Name List

Google Translate Sanskrit To Bhojpuri, Google IO 8 New India Language List, 24 Worldwide, Google Translate New Language Country Wise Name List, Google Sanskrit to Hindi Translate.

Google has added 24 new languages in their Google Translate app. For Indian people Google picks new 8 languages that also include Sanskrit. You can now translate English to Sanskrit or Sanskrit to English from your android phones. Here we are listing 8 important Indian languages that is now become international know from Google point of view:-

1.Assamese: used by about 25 million people in Northeast India 

2.Bhojpuri used by about 50 million people in northern India, Nepal and Fiji 

3.Dogri used by about three million people in northern India 

4.Konkani used by about two million people in Central India 

5.Maithili used by about 34 million people in northern India 

6.Meiteilon (Manipur) used by about two million people in Northeast India 

7.Mizo used by about 830,000 people in Northeast India 

8.Sanskrit used by about 20,000 people in India. There is one village in south India where people only speaks in Sanskrit. 

Note: Microsoft Translator and iTranslate should also add more Indian languages. 

Google Translate Sanskrit language: Sanskrit is the number one and most requested language in Google Translate. all the 24 languages that has been added in the update will only be supported in the text translation feature. 

Google Translate 24 New Language List 2022: MORE THAN 300 million people speaks these 24 languages. For example Mizo, 8 Lakh people daily speaks. Lingala used by 4 Lakh 50,000 people living in south Africa. 

1.Aymara: two million in Bolivia, Chile and Peru 

2.Bambara: 14 million people in Mali 

3.Dhivehi: 300,000 in the Maldives 

4.Ewe: seven million in Ghana and Togo 

5.Guarani: seven million people in Paraguay and Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil 

6.Ilocano: 10 million people in northern Philippines 

7.Krio: four million people in Sierra Leone 

8.Kurdish (Sorani), used by about 15 million people in Iraq and Iran 

9.Lingala, used by about 45 million people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Angola and the Republic of South Sudan 

10.Luganda: 20 million people in Uganda and Rwanda 

11.Oromo: 37 million people in Ethiopia and Kenya 

12.Quechua: 10 million people in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and surrounding countries 

13.Sepedi: 14 million people in South Africa 

14.Tigrinya: eight million people in Eritrea and Ethiopia 

15.Tsonga: seven million people in Eswatini, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe 

16.Twi: 11 million people in Ghana