TikTok Employee Salary Latest News 2021, Country List, User Growth

TikTok Employee Salary Latest News 2021 Byte Dance Employee TikTok Salary 2021-22 TikTok India Content Manager Salary Per Month TikTok Employee Working Country List Byte Dance User Growth. टिकटोक के कर्मचारियों के वेतन देने के लाले क्यूँकि कर चोरी में चीनी कम्पनी के खाते किए गए हैं freeze.

TikTok Employee Salary Per Month: Sources says TikTok Employee are not getting Salary on time and may be they have not received their TikTok Package after India Banned it. TikTok currently running Pakistan, China, USA, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, France Germany and total list is mention below. 

TikTok Employee Working Country List 2021: Here is the list of Country where TikTok is running US, Indonesia, Russia, Japan, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, South Korea, Australia and Norway. 

Name of The Posts: Brand Development Manager, Content Moderator, Ad Manager, Corporate Operations Specialists, Sales Executives Salaries, Marketing Manager, Software Developer. 

TikTok Pay Scale: TikTok is parent company of Byte Dance operated from China. TikTok Employee working in India has submitted case in Bombay High Court for not getting payment from last months. 

1.Product Marketing Manager salaries - 1 salaries 42,026/mo 

2. Operations Specialist salaries - 1 salaries ₹ 1,063/hr 

3.Sales Executive salaries - 1 salaries 16,55,760/yr 

4.Software Developer salaries - 1 salaries 1,71,708/yr

TikTok Employee March Salary: Due account freeze by Government of India and after Income Tax Verification that found various illegal activities led to freeze the account for March and upcoming April Month Salary. 1.Government has freezes 4 bank accounts of Byte Dance Company. 2.Total 1335 employee are working in India. 

TikTok Employee Court Case on Salary: Byte Dance has said in his plea that Verification agency has freeze their HSBC and Citi Bank account without any real documents. Due to Indian China Border issue, India has banned 500+ Chinese apps which also included employee. 

TikTok User Growth According to Country: Norway, Russia and Italy receives highest number of TikTok User growth which is above 100 %. Before August 2020, India has made TikTok to become top social media after Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube.