Google is Making Android OS For JIO 5G Smartphone 2021

Google Android OS JIO 5G Smartphone 2021 Google Android OS For JIO 5G Mobile Name Google India 5G Smartphone Price 2021 Google 5G Mobile Android OS Smartphone. In today’s period JIO user wants to hear good news from JIO. First one is JIO users wants some increasement in Data speed always as call drop to other network. Many JIO user is complaining about speed is very low in JIO internet. And second one is that, they wants to hear launching date of 5G Smartphone. So friends we have some important news regarding JIO internet etc. Check below.

Google OS  For JIO 5G Smartphone 2021 Google By the medium of Google, Jio is expected to become King of 5G Network and 5G Smartphone. In stage 1 JIO has targeted 35 crore 4G smartphone users of India. All these smartphone costumer have status of Middle class family which have annual income Rs 5 Lakh. India is hub of largest number of middle class family that able attract foreign players to invest in India.

JIO 5G Smartphone Price 2021 After hearing speech of Mukesh Ambani, Who holds badge of Top 10 billionaire in the World says to convert 2G costumer Network into 4G and 5G user.

Who Will Make JIO 5G Smartphone: Point 1: One of JIO officer told that JIO 5G Smartphone will be the first mobile that purely made by its Equity Share Holder companies. Point 2: Main hardware made by Qualcomm and Intel company and operating system belongs to Google. Point 3: Many people also claiming that Google may make new Android OS for JIO 5G Smartphone.

Mukesh Ambani JIO 5G Phone: Point 4 : Being a partner of Reliance JIO, WhatsApp and Facebook will also help. So in India, still 35 crore users is using 2G mobile. May be 2G Mobile don’t loss battery life. Company is believing 6 crore 2G users will convert easily to 4g smartphone. Point 5: But major problem faced by rest of telecom companies of India- Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL. All these will directly effect in year 2021.

Mukesh Ambani is to capture 50 crore Indian public in three years. Survey of India said,” currently 38.75 crore costumer of JIO user is there with 38.75 percentage.