UP Sabji Rate List 2020 Futkar Wholesale Price

UP Sabji Rate List 2020 Tomato Rate in India Price of Potato Wholesale Rate of Onion in India. After comparing our vegetable to other neighbouring country then we are in winning position. Due to our climate Summer Winter Spring and Autumn. Second thing is India is rich in Agriculture Industry and our farmers work hard to grow crops for humanity and living purpose. In this situation of lockdown UPTO 14 April which is also last date of India closure. But still we have 15 days left to live with our family. We have left 360 hours only to realise the important of family and food waist.

Vegetable Name
15 to 18 Rupees
25 Rs
20 to 22 Rupees
40 Rs
16 to 20 Rupees
60 Rs
20 to 25 Rupees
60 Rs
60 to 70 Rupees
160 Rs
60 to 65 Rupees
160 Rs
5 to 10 Rupees
20 Rs
5 to 10 Rupees
25 Rs
Ladies Finger
20 to 25 Rupees
80 Rs

Wholesale Price of Vegetables in Uttar Pradesh: In city the rate of vegetable is on high stage.  And to stop shopkeeper for exceeding price. Administration will decide rate list of every vegetable per week. To avoid rush and due to Corona, many people are crossing borders of states without following govt guidelines. This news came from Prayagraj Mundera where people rush towards directly to Mandi (wholesale vegetable area) and also complain local political leaders regarding high price.