Abhijeet Benerjee Biography, Education, Wife, Books

Abhijeet Benerjee Biography Here is  Abhijeet Benerjee Education Biography, Abhijeet Benerjee Wife Name Abhijeet Benerjee Books Name Abhijeet Benerjee Economics Noble Prize. How we define our Indian people are making record in getting various prizes from Nobel Prize to Ramon Magsaysay Award. The Indian person, Indian Origin famous personality, Economist and Teacher in MIT University , USA. Indian Origins and American Nationalist Abhijeet Banerjee receives Noble prize in Economy. Through his and her wife effect minimum 50 Lakh children are receiving proper food and good education. Nobel committee who selects name of Mr Abhijeet Banerjee disclosed why they give Noble Prize for economics. Through his effort in India, millions of Children start getting remedial classes. Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejrival congratulated Abhijeet Banerjee for giving him Economic Noble Prize 2019. Total three people share Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic and they are Kolkata-born Abhijit Banerjee, France Born Esther Duflo and American Born Michael Kremer. In below section we will memory some important points related to Abhijeet Benerjee. Abhijeet Benerjee is Kolkata Born, PHD from Havard University currently giving his economics experience to MIT students.

Abhijeet Benerjee Story: According to Noble Committee Abhijeet Benerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer projects help many Developed and Developing Country to apply there model on Health.  Abhijeet Banerjee is Second Indian to get Economics Nobel Prize. Previous Amartya Sen in 1998 receives same Noble Award in Economics. 

Abhijeet Benerjee Books: Abhijeet Banerjee and her Wife work on poverty and their first Global book launched in year was Poor Economics. Below we written down some awards and Jivan Parichay that can helps you to make some shadow of it.

What the Economy need now.
Poor Economics
Making Ad works

Abhijeet Banerjee New Book Name is Good Economics for Hard Times better answer to biggest problems released on 19th October 2019. Abhijeet Banerjee books focused on Jobs, International Trade and Climate Changes.

Abhijeet Banerjee Book on Poverty Names: Understanding Poverty 2006. 2011 Poor Economics and Radical Thinking of the way to fight global poverty, 2019 a short history on power managements.

Abhijeet Benerjee Award List 2019: After receiving award of Economics Noble 2019. Abhijeet Benerjee said he was expecting to get Economics Noble after 10 years.
Professor: MIT University, USA.
Infosys Award: 2009, Social Worker Area.
Gerald Lab Award: 2012.
Appointed in United Nation Team: 2013, his selection was done by  Ban ki Moon.

Abhijeet Benerjee Education Biography: His basic education started in Kolkata, South Point. In 1981 he completed his B.SC from Kolkata University. 1983 PG from Jawaharlal Lal Nehru University (JNU).
1988, Haward University PHD.
Important jobs/posts:
Bureau of Research in the Economics Analysis of Development.
NBR research Associates, CPR research fellow, Member of American Academy of Arts and Science.

Abhijeet Benerjee Statement Work: He doesn’t like Modi GOVERNMENT Demonization of India because he thinks it affected mostly 85% Indian though publication of his journal with Namrata Kala.

Abhijeet Banerjee Foundation: Name of his foundation is Abdul Lateef Jamil Poverty Action Lab. He Abhijeet Banerjee with his Wife Duflo and Sandil made Abdul foundation on poverty free India.

Abhijeet Benerjee First Wife Arundhati tuli Banerjee: His First Wife Name is Arundhati Tulsi (Lecturer in Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Both have also studied in Kolkata.

Abhijeet Benerjee Documentary Name: The name of the Disease in year 2006. This highlights India’s health problem. Last time they were seen in Colombia.

Name of Abhijeet Benerjee Mother: Nirmala Benerjee is also economist and lecturer in Kolkata centre for studies in Social science.