Article 370 Question and Answer, 7 Big Points on Article 35 A

Article 370 Question and Answer Here is Important points cum Article 370 question and answer on Jammu Kashmir Ladakh as UT of India. Now Article 370 permanently removed in India and people are asking some important question on article 370, Article 35 A which may be asked in written exam and interview of PCS Level. On 5th August Indian Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and NDA leaders declares Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh as Union Territory of India. Amit Shah also replied when someone points out that there should be no delimitation of India as Jammu Kashmir is always in India than Mr Amit shah said in serious mode we will merge again Ladakh to Jammu Kashmir if there will be no disturbance is there.

Article 370 Question and Answer; 7 Big Points on Article 35 A question and answer.

Is Article 370 permanently removed from Jammu Kashmir?
Article 370 is not removed yet. However some law was removed from Article 370 which gives only Jammu Kashmir Govt power but not Indian Government.

Is Article 370 decision applied in immediate effect?
Yes president approved Article 370 relaxation under immediate effect. However govt has to pass the bill in lok sabha, rajya sabha on majority basis.

Is Article 35 A also removed from Jammu Kashmir?
Yes, when article 370 revokes from Jammu Kashmir constituent than there is no use article 35 A. Now people who become landlord of Jammu Kashmir from 70 years they don’t have special rights.

What is the procedure of making Jammu Kashmir, Laddakh as Union Territory of India?
Bill will be introduced to reconstruction the law under (Jammu Kashmir Recognition Bill 2019). It will be introduced in Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha and transfer to President Ram Nath Kovind to signature on it.

Election criteria on Jammu Kashmir, Laddakh as a Union Territory?
You may understand Jammu Kashmir Union Territory as Delhi, Laddakh as Chandigarh. Election Jammu Kashmir and Laddakh will be normal. Now both Ladakh (Lt General), Jammu Kashmir will be administrated by Delhi.

Jammu Kashmir Election date 2019?
In October Indian govt will start election in 2 New union territories of India.

POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) status of India?
There will be no change of India on POK; Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is Integral part of India.