Bomb Blast in Pakistan Sufi Shrine Data Darbar in Lahore, Latest News

Bomb Blast in Pakistan Sufi Shrine Data Darbar in Lahore, Latest News May 2019 in South Asia Data Darbar 2nd Bomb Blast Attack, Lahore Data Darbar Bomb Blast, Sufi Shrine Bomb Blast in Pakistan.

Data Darbar Bomb Blast: More than 10 People Dead in Latest Bomb Blast in Pakistan Sufi Shrine in City Lahore. The Suicide Bomber has injured at least 24 People who are mostly Civilians and Worshippers. Three Police Officers, Two Security Guards & Five Civilians Including Child are no more in this World. This story tells by Senior Chief Minister of Punjab Minister, Usman Bazdar.

Bomb Blast in Pakistan Sufi Shrine:  According to investigation agencies bomb blast was targeted to Police Officer Vehicle which is in front of Data Darbar Shrine, This shrine is also called Data Darbar Shrine. The condition of four policemen is also in critical mode and Punjab Inspector General of Police said,” It was suicide Attack, the target of suicide was Police that was installed outside the Shrine of Sufi Saint Ali Havarti mostly people called as Data Darbar of South Asia.

Data Darbar Bomb Blast in Lahore Some Latest Update on Bomb Blain in Data Darbar Shrine is as Following:-

1. Data Darbar is one the Largest Sufi Shrine in Pakistan.
2. More than 10 People Died and 24 People Injured, Some of injured 4 to 5 people is in critical mode.
3. This attack has been claimed by Pakistan Taliban 8.4 AM Local Time of Pakistan (4.15 GMT).
4. Special Emergency ward is made in Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

5. From 2014 Pakistan has blocked many attacks in Pakistan after Peshawar School Massacre, in that time 150 People, mostly Children were killed.
6. In 2016 Extremist People in Pakistan Targeted Christian Community in Pakistan, who were celebrating Easter in Park, more than 60 people were died.
7. Recently Asia Bibi (Latest News 8 May) flew to Canada that receiving Dead Threat from many extremist people.
8 Every Year in tribal area of Pakistan 1,000 Hindu Christian women girl forcefully kidnapped and converted to Islam.

Note: In 2010 Shrine was targeted in a Suicide Attack that killed 40 people on the spot.