HTML Assignment Question Paper 2016 Students Solutions pdf

HTML Assignment Question Paper 2016 for Students Solutions JavaScript code Tags pdf download syllabus html assignment question for practice.

HTML Assignment Question Paper 2016 want to prepare for web development course on computer and preparing your website for first then you need html assignments with code. You computer teacher provided all about Lesson in your holiday home work in summer or winter vacation. The goal of this HTML Assignment pdf exercise is to get you using all of the tags you have been shown so far.

Practical Assignment: 1
Create a an HTML document containing JavaScript code that
a) Has a button called check out
b) when this Tab is clicked on , it summons two windows
c) Windows 1: Have a question that tells he or she to input value of the item
d) Windows 2: Have a question that requests the he or she to input the amount of sales tax.

Practical Assignment: 2
Create a HTML document that reads and stores web or computer cookies containing a user name with number of times , user has visited your Blog . Whenever he or she visits the website, the system displays the accept cookies in alert dialogue box, increments the counter cookie by 1 and then resets the counter’s expiration date to one year from the current date.

Practical Assignment: 3
Create an HTML document that calculates the square ft of sheet required to carpet a room . Include 3 text boxes; Create one text box for width of room and another for - 46 - length of the room in linear feet . Also create a text box for the cost per square feet of sheeting. When you calculate the price, add 25% to the total number of square feet to account for the closets and other features of the room. Display the total cost in an alert dialogue box.

Practical Assignment: 4
Create a an HTML document with JavaScript code that Has three text boxes and a button to be accepted using textboxes are principal, rate of interest, and duration in years.When user clicks the Ok button a message box appears showing the simple interest of principal amount.

HTML Question Answer Asked in semester and annual exam in even odd basis

What special character is used in an ending HTML tag?
What tags surround the part of an HTML file that appears to the user on the HTML page?
What tags are needed to create headings?
What tags are needed for the following?
Line break
Special characters start with_______ and end with ______.
What is the symbol for inserting a space?
What tag is needed to create a link? What attribute?
What tag is needed to create a link to an e-mail address? What attribute?
How can you distinguish a link to a URL from a link to an e-mail address?

What are the two main parts of an html file? What tags create them?
What are the delimiters for HTML tags? (What characters surround most html tags?)

What extension do you use to save an HTML file?