India Pakistan Indus Water Treaty News Hindi Breaking 2016 2017

India Pakistan Indus water treaty

India Pakistan Indus water treaty latest breaking news in Hindi called as World Bank water treaty after Uri attack most successful agreement in the world which is made for Peoples of Pakistan.

India Pakistan Indus water treaty of six river Ravi, Jhelum, Sutlej, Beas, Indus and Chenab a 1960 agreement made by world bank between India and Pakistan to give Indian river water to Pakistan. In this treaty 80 percent if India water shares to Pakistan and 19 percent of water goes in Indian land. In India it is also called a huge loss of economy mostly to Jammu Kashmir because if India do not share water to Pakistan it will give revenue up to 60,000 crore with 20,000 MW of electricity.

Why we share India Indus Indus Water because we also need money to increase per capita Income of India people and Electricity also. But this treaty is now going to only one sided due to increase loss of revenue and facing electricity problem in various city. Government senior are discussing to not to share water because of Pakistan bad behavior from 1947.

After continuous latest terrorist attack from Pakistan by making terrorist organization, borning giving food to them mis use the money of International organizations (For Only Human Development to increase livelihood they give). Pakistan use international money only for buying defence and funding UN natural people in Pakistan.

India said in Statement: Mutual Standing should from both side but after Uri attack it is one sided only.

Pakistan does not come in the rules 2004 agreement made by India
In 2016 China does not follow International Organization Rules in South China Sea

Why should India follow because All Indus Water Treaty is from India Territory?