English Passage for Bank Po Clerk Exam 2016 Quiz

English Passage for Bank Po Clerk

English passage reading and answering questions Read the following English Passage for Bank Po Clerk Exam 2016 carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words, phrases have been printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions on 2015 IBPS recruitment 2016 comprehension passage exercise.

English comprehension quiz
Raghu had been orphaned when he was quite young, so he had learned to fend for himself. One day he was very hungry. Wondering what to do, he happened to pass a sweet shop and heard the shopkeeper tell his young assistant, ‘‘Look after the shop while I take a nap. Call me only if something important comes up." Raghu smelt an opportunity. He waited for a short time and then entered. ‘‘I am the owner's best friend's son. Give me the best sweets in the shop." The boy was suspicious and asked him his name. "My name is Fly," said Raghu helping himself to some jalebis. As he sat eating, the boy ran to the owner, "Fly is eating the sweets. What should I do?" The sweet shop owner was in a deep sleep. He mumbled, "How much can a fly eat? Let him be." Then he turned over and started snoring loudly. The poor boy could do nothing but watch him demolish a plate of jalebis. Finally Raghu took two boxes of the best sweets in the shop and left without paying.

He presented these boxes to a man named Mahadev saying, ‘‘Here is a present for our city's greatest man. Please accept this. I am a poor man and have nothing else to give you.’’ Seeing the box full of expensive sweets, Mahadev, who rarely parted with money, was delighted. "Sir," continued Raghu, "I have only one request. May I have the empty boxes back please?" Mahadev was only interested in the sweets so he said graciously, "Of course. Ask my wife to give you two vessels for the sweets." Raghu went to Mahadev's wife and said, "Your husband has asked you to give me two gold coins." The woman who was cooking lunch was astonished and said, "Are you out of your mind? My husband would never say such a thing!" So Raghu called out to Mahadev, "Your wife is refusing to give me what I asked for." Mahadev was negotiating a handsome deal in his shop. Irritated by the disturbance he called out, "Give him what he wants." So Raghu left with the gold coins in his pocket.

Days went by and Raghu made his living through his smooth talk and tall promises. The King heard about this. Raghu was brought to him under arrest. The King heard his story in silence and then said, "Since you are so clever study with the best pundits in the land. Use your wits for the betterment of the kingdom." Raghu was silent. No one had praised him or offered him a better life before. He accepted the King's terms and one day came to be known as one of the wisest of his ministers.

Which of the following is NOT true in the context of the passage?
Raghu was cunning and dishonest.
Mahadev was a miserly merchant.
Raghu's parents had died when he was young.
The king rarely consulted his ministers before making a decision.
Raghu took the king's advice to use his intelligence to help people.

Why did Raghu visit the sweet shop?
Which of the following cannot be said about the king?
(A) His decision in Raghu's case was a just one.
(B) He was too lenient and gave people a second chance.
(C) His subjects took advantage of his kindness.

Why did the boy allow Raghu to leave without paying for the sweets?
(A) He did not want to offend a good customer by insisting on payment.
(B) He did not want to start an argument.
(C) He saw how hungry Raghu was and fell sorry for him.

Why did the owner leave the young boy in charge of the sweet shop?
Why did Raghu ask Mahadev for the empty sweet boxes?

Why did Mahadev's wife refuse to give Raghu two gold coins at first?
Raghu gifted Mahadev two boxes of sweets because
Why was Raghu brought before the king?
Why did Raghu agree to the King's offer?Bottom of Form


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