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Basel Banking Questions on finance

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Q: What are Banking Codes and Standards Board of India BCSBI?

BCSBI is an independent and autonomous body set up by RBI to ensure that comprehensive code of conduct for fair treatment of customers was evolved and adhered to. In substance the board has been set up to ensure that the common consumer of banking services is in no way in a disadvantageous position and really gets what he has been promised by the banks.

Member banks of the board have voluntarily agreed to abide by the provisions enumerated in the codes which have been drawn up for the benefit of customers. These are:
Code of Bank’s Commitment to Customers, and Code of Bank’s Commitment to Micro and Small Enterprises.

Q. Who is a Banking Ombudsman?

An independent dispute resolution authority provided by RBI to deal with disputes that bank customers have with their respective banks. The authority is to be approached after the customer fails to get his grievance resolved from the concerned bank in terms of the grievance redressal mechanism.

Q. What is meant by nomination facility for bank accounts?

Nomination in bank accounts prevents harassment and facilitates the bank to make payment to the nominee of a deceased depositor, of the amount standing to the credit of the depositor without the need for producing succession certificate and completion of other legal formalities as required to determine the legal heirs.

Q. What is Plastic Money?

With the increasing use of credit, debit cards for withdrawal of cash from ATMs, the use of the term plastic money is common. These cards being of plastic facilitating availability of cash or money to the card holder, have come to be referred commonly as plastic money.

Q: examples of Functions of Finance?

Determination of the financial requirements of the firm, obtaining necessary finance from the necessary sources at minimum possible cost & allocation of finance in different assets. In simple terms the finance functions are raising of funds, planning for funds and allocation & control of funds.

Q. What do you mean by Capital adequacy ratio?

CRAR is the acronym for capital to risk weighted assets ratio, a standard metric to measure balance sheet strength of banks.

BASEL I and BASEL II are global capital adequacy rules that prescribe a minimum amount of capital a bank has to hold given the size of its risk weighted assets. The old rules mandate banks to back every Rs. 100 of commercial loans with Rs. 9 of capital irrespective of the nature of these loans. The new rules suggest the amount of capital needed depends on the credit rating of the customer.