Ig Nobels prize award 2014 at Harvard University

Ig Nobels prize award 2014

Ig Nobels prize award 2014 were awarded on September 12 at a meeting of nerds at Harvard University. The prizes are given for genuine scientific research that “first makes people laugh and then makes them think”.

Ig Nobels prize award details--

1.The Ig Nobel for medicine given to Masateru Uchiyama and colleagues for their study which revealed that mice survived much longer after allograft heart transplants if they were made to listen to opera.

2.The Ig Nobel for psychology went to Laurent Bègue and colleagues, for showing through experiment that drunk people consider themselves more attractive.

3. Ig Nobel both biology and astronomy by Marie Dacke and colleagues showed that dung beetles use the Milky Way for navigational orientation.

4.Ig Nobel prize for safety engineering prize given to the late Gustavo Pizzo for inventing an elaborate system to foil airline hijackers which involved activating a trapdoor they fall through where they’re sealed in a special container, which is then dropped from the plane (with a parachute) to be collected by pre-warned police on the ground.

5.The prize for physics went to Alberto Minetti and colleagues, for their study showing that some people could run across the surface of a pond, if they and the pond were on the moon.

6.Chemistry prize was won by S Imai and colleagues, who showed that the process which makes humans cry when cutting onions is more complex than first thought. The reaction was found to be due to a previously unknown enzyme.

7.Brian Crandal and Peter Stahl were awarded the archaeology prize for swallowing dead shrews whole then examining the excreted matter. This revealed the effects the human digestive system has on small bones and the like.

8. Probability prize to Bert Tolkamp and colleagues showed that cows are more likely to lie down if they have been standing up for a longer time. Ergo, cows get tired. This could be useful data for the agricultural industry.

Other Personalities---

  • President Pranab Mukherjee Friday gave away Sangeet Natak Akademi Fellowships and Sangeet Natak Akademi Awards 2013 in the field of performing arts.

  • Mukherjee conferred three fellowships (Akademi Ratna) on Kanak Rele, R. Sathyanarayana, and Mahesh Elkunchwar.

  • The fellowship contains a honorarium of Rs.3 lakh, a shawl and a citation.

  • While nine eminent artists received the Akademi`s Awards in the field of music, eight people were honoured for theatre.

  • Kasian Bhanganada awarded this prize for their investigation into surgical methods to repair penis amputation in Siam, except in situations where the penis has been partially eaten by a duck.