Android Kitkat GPRS settings for mobile Internet

Android Kitkat GPRS settings

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Next Android mobile software version will be called 'KitKat'

Google on Tuesday said the next version of Android will be called "KitKat" in keeping with its penchant for giving tasty names to its software for powering mobile devices.

KitKat is a chocolate-covered wafer created by British-based Rowntree's, now produced worldwide by Nestle

The list of Android software names over the years includes Cupcake, Donut, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean.

Android software powers more than a billion smartphones or tablets worldwide, according to Google.

Google Android 4.4 KitKat 2014

Google is expected to soon launch the Nexus 5 smartphone and Android 4.4 (KitKat) operating system.

While most details about the smartphone are already known from leaked photos and rumours, the tech community is largely in the dark about the new features that the upcoming version of Google's mobile OS will bring to the table.

Google Now will have the 'always-on' functionality of Moto X in Android 4.4 and may accept commands in several languages, not just English. In line with previous reports, Android 4.4 may also introduce SMS function to Google Hangouts app.

It also states that Android 4.4 is much lighter and faster than Android 4.3 and previous versions.

5-inch screen with 1920x1080p resolution, with on-screen resolution being 1794x1080p.

 It is said that the next Nexus smartphone will be manufactured by LG, which makes the current model.

Nexus 5 is said to be based on the recently unveiled LG G2 smartphone and it is expected that the device will feature 2GB RAM and 13MP rear camera full HD screen.

Profile name: Network name
Homepage: (not compulsory to use google, you can use any URL but you to change because by default you will be charged some additional charge some people also says when they change there sim from their smartphones company charged them)

  1. Proxy: Enabled
  2. Ip address: leave 
  3. Port: 8080
  4. Linger time: 90
  5. DNS – Not enabled
  6. Bearer: GPRS
  7. Advanced settings:
  8. APN: write your network name
  9. Login: Leave blank
  10. Password: Leave blank